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We develop, maintain and drive our own advanced web sites and also we perform customer-adapted IT tasks and support for web hosting.

Viba IT

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The company:

Viba IT Handelsbolag


Docentvägen 53
SE-97752 Luleå

VAT code: SE969713444401

Organization number: 969713-4444

Phone: +46 920420480

Bank giro: 5613-6070

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Swedish web:

Advanced websites


Viba IT develops advanced code for the server side that we used on our own websites. Different parts of this code are reused for different websites and can also be used to develop websites for customers, see also IT tasks.

On the websites we develop we use the famous LAMP-configuration - GNU/Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP - for recognized stability and security. In addition to these technologies we use Java, JavaScript and RSS to make our websites easy to use and to give our users choices.

Viba IT HB develops all types of websites, complete communities, web shops, searchable data bases - no kind of website is foreign to us.

We always build true search engine friendly web sites. We take different group of users into consideration, suck as older people and disabled persons, even persons with defective vision.

Vi Musiker

The web site "Vi Musiker"

This is our big commitment for musicians in Sweden. Vi Musiker is a complete community for musicians and people interested of music with, among other things, music forum, link archive and a calender with events. Vi Musiker is fully based on code developed by Viba IT for stability and safety.

Find the CD

Find the CD

Find the CD is a searchable register with 2 million CD albums. At Find the CD you will find the album you are looking for.

The web site is for international use and written in English.

More communities are to come

Soon we will complement with information about more advanced web sites that now are being developed.

Websites in cooperation

We gladly discuss cooperation around advanced websites with other companies.

Here we present examples of cooperation:



Linkster is a small link archive that Viba IT and the Swedish company Inskrift is equal responsible for.

Linkster comes with both English and Swedish language and is meant for International use.

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