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We develop, maintain and drive our own advanced web sites and also we perform customer-adapted IT tasks and support for web hosting.

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Viba IT Handelsbolag


Docentvägen 53
SE-97752 Luleå

VAT code: SE969713444401

Organization number: 969713-4444

Phone: +46 920420480

Bank giro: 5613-6070

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Customer-adapted IT tasks

Your specific IT task

Viba IT performs different kinds of tasks within IT, everything from individual short time IT consulting to cooperation on larger IT projects.

Contact us if you want a personal commitment and a task performed all according to you needs. Viba IT possesses a broad experience, high competence and a understanding that different customers have different needs.

Since Viba IT works a great deal with internal projects we have the possibility to give priority to and do a quick effort for you when we need to.

Examples of tasks

The IT tasks Viba IT performs is first and foremost associated with web presentation of different types. However, no IT commission is foreign to us.

Some examples of different tasks that we can perform for you:

  • Assist your foreign Internet based company to get into the Swedish market
  • Through a combination of functions used on our own websites we can quickly and with ease create or rebuild your website according to your demands
  • Rebuild a existing website to reduce access time, optimization
  • Develop a new advanced website according to your needs
  • Complement an existing website with special functionality of different kind
  • Circular e-mails to all of your customers or members
  • Complement of an existing website with a, for you, adapted contact form

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