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We develop, maintain and drive our own advanced web sites and also we perform customer-adapted IT tasks and support for web hosting.

Viba IT

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The company:

Viba IT Handelsbolag


Docentvägen 53
SE-97752 Luleć

VAT code: SE969713444401

Organization number: 969713-4444

Phone: +46 920420480

Bank giro: 5613-6070

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Facts of "Viba IT Handelsbolag"

Viba IT Handelsbolag

The company

Viba IT Handelsbolag is a registered Swedish company, the Swedish organization number is 969713-4444 and the VAT code is SE969713444401.

The company has business within the IT branch with own advanced web sites and customer-adapted IT tasks. The head office resides in Luleć, Sweden.

The best way to contact Viba IT is through our form for contact. We always tries to answer within twenty four hours.

The founder


Viba IT Handelsbolag was founded in the year 2005 by Anders Lundgren and Bengt Lundberg. Anders and Bengt is in different age and has different experiences. They complement each other and together they have a very broad experience and high competence.

Anders Lundgren

Anders Lundgren

Anders Lundgren has responsibility for the technical development within the company. He is studying to a master of science in computer science and engineering at Luleć University of Technology and has data communications as profile. Anders has several years experience of programming.

For the interested there are Anders' own reference links.

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