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We develop, maintain and drive our own advanced web sites and also we perform customer-adapted IT tasks and support for web hosting.

Viba IT

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The company:

Viba IT Handelsbolag


Docentvägen 53
SE-97752 Luleå

VAT code: SE969713444401

Organization number: 969713-4444

Phone: +46 920420480

Bank giro: 5613-6070

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Viba IT

Viba IT Handelsbolag

Customer-adapted IT tasks

Viba IT performs different kinds of tasks within IT, everything from individual short time IT consulting to cooperation on larger IT projects.

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Advanced websites

Viba IT develops and manages advanced websites. In addition to the customer-adapted IT tasks, Viba IT has its own development of profitable websites that will continue. This even includes partly owned websites in cooperation with other companies.

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The company

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